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Derek Newsome

     Hailing originally from Orlando, Florida, Derek Newsome has been a longtime fan of spaceflight. His first rocket launch, STS-114, ignited a lifelong passion for spaceflight. Having witnessed over 40 launches in person, and countless livestreams, Derek is well versed in many different launch vehicles and spacecraft.

     Now, at just 19, he has traveled the United States to photograph and witness all kinds of rockets. From the massive Delta IV Heavy, to the small but powerful Antares. His work for Space Scout highlights news stories from around the world in spaceflight.

     Despite how much work he now puts into his hobbies, he still loves every second of it. You can often see him pull his head out from behind the camera during a launch for a few moments, just to take in the sights and sounds of these incredible events. Derek often states that following spaceflight closely has changed his life, and how he is lucky to be with his friends at every step of the way.          

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